High-Waisted Tucking/ Gaff Bikini Bottoms

High-Waisted Tucking/ Gaff Bikini Bottoms

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Every woman should feel amazing on the beach! That's why BettyFelonFashions has a classic Black Bikini bottom with tucking/gaff lining, for transgendered women looking for a smoother, more curvaceous silhouette. 


These bottoms are made with a high-waist silhouette to accentuate the smallest part of your waist, and are made with a very slight cinch to the waistband, to emphasize feminine curves. The high-waist silhouette has a vintage feel, while maintaining modern comfort and flexibility. The centre panel is made with a firm-stretch nylon spandex, and is additionally lined with a polyester spandex gaff liner to provide support and comfort for tucking purposes. This design shows a bit of bum cheek (only).


Made from digitally printed nylon spandex and polyester lining in the crotch and cups. The fabric is 4-way stretch, 20% spandex and 80% nylon and sourced from Quebec. The nylon spandex is wickable and breathable, but does provide firm support.


Available in size XL ONLY. This is what is left of the inventory, not to be restocked. Get yours while it lasts!

XL 35-38” waist & 43-45” hip


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