Changes and Updates to BettyFelonFashions

Hello BettyFelonFashions lovelies!

I apologize for my recent absence. I have had to make some permanent and temporary changes to my business this past month and needed to take some time offline to sort it out. Firstly, the permanent.

Etsy + My Website

I have been an Etsy seller for many years — it is the first location I started selling my wares (other than church bazaars). I also used Etsy's seller platform for my website sales for some time (after leaving Shopify). After many years of happy business with them, I encountered my first ever conflict, and unfortunately learned just how Etsy truly operates, and I had to leave.

In short, Etsy does not allow sellers complete autonomy in terms of running their shop, and in any conflict will not protect sellers. If you are buying from Etsy, this is a comfort for certain. For sellers, however, it's a pretty significant concern. Despite outlining clear shop policies and terms, Etsy can still make unilateral and often detrimental decisions on how you run your shop. Arbitrating administrators seem like preprogrammed bots, and their customer service lines are placating figures without any actual authority.

It's a gamble to sell through them, and I decided it was not worth the risk. For those customers who shop through my website, this may seem irrelevant, but — as mentioned — I have used Etsy for selling through my website as well, and so when I left Etsy, my website was also down. I apologize for the disruption of service that this has caused. The shop is back up and running now, though!

Custom + Made to Measure Changes

As for the temporary (hopefully) change: I have taken a small break from custom and made to order items while I consider a more feasible business model. Though my passion is creating customized and made to measure items for my customers at affordable rates, this is a very expensive and time consuming model.

Most items are made with some customization, whether sizing or styling, which means each item starts with a new sewing pattern before item creation, which can be time consuming (time is money). Additionally, each item made with custom materials is an additional cost of ordering materials in small batches.

As much as I love doing this work, it has become too costly for me. The additional challenge of creating custom items across an internet connection, makes it that much more complex. I am still committed to this work; however, for the time being, I need to uncover a more feasible and fair method to custom creations. In the meantime, I am selling my inventory at reduced rates. (Woo SALES!) Feel free to peruse the sales and keep connected for future shop updates.

New Items

As we quickly head into fall weather and my favourite holiday fast approaches, I will be introducing some ready-made Halloween-inspired accessories. If you are as bonkers about Halloween and dress up as I am, keep an eye out for these items and get your Halloween shopping on early.

I look forward to what things the future will bring. Thank you for your patience and for staying along for the ride.

xoxo Betty