My shop was born out of a need to create. As a child, I used to fashion ball gowns for my Barbie dolls from white, plastic bags, with tightly knotted bodices and full, flowing skirts. Then my dad taught me to sew and it immediately became a beloved hobby. 
BettyFelonFashions is how I bring together my wildest, youthful ideas, with my grownup passion for fashion, feminism, and glamour. I aim to create something unique for the wearer--something fun and youthful, yet pretty and sexy. More than this, by providing totally customizable, figure friendly pieces, I seek to contribute to a changing culture of fashion, in which ALL women, of all types and sizes can feel sexy in (and out of) clothes that bring out their body positive spirit. The Betty Felon gal likes to look good, but doesn't take herself too seriously. As Elvis Costello once sang, "I call you Betty Felon 'cuz you are a pretty villain."

All items are created by lil ol' me, in downtown Toronto, Canada. All materials are sourced locally, where possible, and all items are lovingly handmade just for you.

xoxo Betty (Erin)