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About Betty Felon

I aim to create something unique for the wearer — something fun and youthful, yet pretty and sexy. More than this, by providing totally customizable, figure friendly pieces, I seek to contribute to a changing culture of fashion, in which ALL women, of all types and sizes can feel sexy in (and out of) clothes that bring out their body positive spirit.


My Mission

How does one create meaning out of clothing in a disposable, capitalist culture? Well, I have tried to — in offering unique designs, personalization and customization, diverse representation, gender affirmation, etc. Still, I work in an internet industry, side by side with mass manufactured clothing companies. I encourage you, if you are ever doubtful, send me a message, see that I am a real human, and let's make a connection.


Betty Felon

beautiful, feminine clothing for ALL women, MADE to your measurements to flatter, not bind, because no woman should ever feel her shape precludes her from wearing the clothing she wants.